From Royal Botanic Gardens From Mrs Macquarie's Chair Botanic Garden views Deco style entry foyer Elevator area finish details Mosman property Burran Avenue, Balmoral Main lounge Living areas Guest beds Lounge area Kitchen Bathroom Staircase Gardens Street frontage Coogee property Airbnb residence Downstairs bedroom Downstairs bedroom detail Dining area Large bedroom Bathroom BBQ area and kitchen/dining Small bedroom Small bedroom Forest Creek property Daintree, Far North Queensland Daintree home Living and kitchen areas Pool and gardens Upper deck Bedroom and study Garden views Driveway entrance Greenwich property Two storey residence Living area Upstairs and living area Living area Bedrooms Kitchen and bathroom Pool and outdoor area Aerial of Hamilton Island for press and brochure advertising Secluded beach Afternoon sun Hill Inlet Picnic grounds Whitehaven beach Hill Inlet